Sprouts Mural

This mural, 18' wide and 12' tall, was commissioned by the developers of the Sprouts Farmers Market at 197 E. Mississippi Ave in Denver (Broadway and Mississippi). The Sprouts building was required to have three "window-like" murals for a less imposing pedestrian experience. This mural is...

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Johnson Habitat Park Building Mural

SPREE Building Mural, Johnson Habitat Park, May 2015 This 1900 sq ft mural was done for the Greenway Foundation's SPREE education building. SPREE stands for "South Platte River Environmental Education" and this project transformed the previously dull walls of the building into living pieces of art. The...

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South Pearl Street Mural

80'w x 12'h From the Inside Out, S Pearl St, Summer 2017 This 80 foot wide by 12 foot high mural was commissioned by The Greenway Foundation, one of my favorite non-profits in Denver. They reached out to several other businesses on S Pearl St as well...

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