Murals have become some of my most rewarding work in recent years. The distinctive nature or them always comes with a unique story and feel. These works are custom designed and painted for individual spaces.

I start this process with a site visit where I talk to the client and really get a good feel of what they want. I also examine and analyze the wall and space. I take measurements and photos to prepare a proposal which includes sketches and a cost estimate. Once the proposal is approved, the mural process begins and the space is soon to be transformed into color and life!

Murals are a great way to transform a space, seal and protect a wall, and grab attention to your business or home. I find myself painting custom murals for specific requests as well as designing murals for community to come together and paint. Please see the process descriptions below.

Mural Painting

General Process for Mural Painting

Custom murals begin with a meeting with the client either over the phone or at the location of the future mural. I try to gather as much information as possible, including wall conditions, photos of the space, dimensions of the wall and also the ideas of the general theme and content that will be displayed in the mural. We will discuss ideas and brainstorm on the major components of the mural. I may ask “What do you want to see in this mural? Images or a theme? Can you give me examples of what you currently like? How do you want this piece to end? With a question? A bold statement? An obvious illustration or story? Or should people feel inspired, wondering? Calm?” Etc.

Next a proposal, an outline of the project and three to small thumbnail sketches, can be requested. If the client would like to proceed after viewing the proposal, the next step would be for the client to request a more developed color rendering.

If the client decides they would like to proceed, we will discuss a time frame for the work to be done and sign a contract. A 50% deposit is due two weeks before the mural begins (to purchase materials and rent scaffold or lifts, etc.) and the remainder will be paid upon completion.

Before the project begins, we will review the concept again and see if either of us have had any new thoughts or ideas for the mural. We will confirm the start date and time, and confirm any preparation of the space as necessary. During the mural creation, I usually paint for five to six hours a day. At the end of each day, either in person or by phone, I like to hear feedback on the progress to make sure I am on the right track.

Completion: My goal is to make sure the mural is painted using the highest quality materials and techniques, and to provide a piece of art that the customer and I have agreed upon in the drawing phase. I am welcome to feedback and critique of the items that I left out, assuming it is within the original scope of the proposal. Additions or requests beyond the proposal may be subject to a fee or decline upon my discretion. Finally, I will varnish the mural (if outdoors or in a sunny location.) The mural is then complete and the remaining payment is due.

Pricing for Mural Painting

Minimum Project fee of $3500

*Consultation Fee: $300 (Includes outline of project, proposal of work, and six thumbnail sketches)

*Design fee: $1500 (Includes two full color sketches and up to two changes. Additional changes will be $100 each)

$35/ sq ft for 0-150 sq ft

$30/sq ft for 150-300 sq ft

$25/sq ft for 300-500 sq ft

$20/sq ft for 500+ sq ft

$10-$20/sq ft for faux techniques, patterns only, etc.

(Square Foot is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface.)

*Consultation fee and design fee will be applied toward the final cost of mural

*Price per square foot may increase if design requested is complex and/or there are adverse wall conditions. This will be indicated in price quote and determined when final sketch is approved.

*Additional fee for scaffold or lift may apply

Mural Design

General Process for Community Mural Design

Community Murals begin the same as the custom murals with a client meeting, me taking notes of the goal of the project, and understanding the size and scope of the space.

A proposal and sketches can then be made to outline the scope of the mural, including all the necessary materials and steps for completion.

The design is typically a Paint-By-Number, which means that a number is assigned to each piece of the mural. This allows for multiple people to paint the mural together which offers a rewarding community experience.

Price for Community Mural Design depends on how involved I am in the project from start to finish. I’m happy to simply create the design and outline as well as be a part in the organization and completion of the mural.

*All rights of the design will remain to La Mano Art.*

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