Murals have become some of my most rewarding work in recent years. The distinctive nature or them comes with a unique story and feel. These works are custom designed and painted for individual spaces, whether outside or inside.


Basic Process for Mural Painting

First is talking with my customer and finding out how best this mural will suit their needs. I will also measure the wall and inspect the wall/surroundings to assess the needed preparations and steps to follow.

Next a proposal, an outline of the project and at least three small thumbnail sketches, can be requested.

The last design phase is a color rendering drawn or painted to scale.

If the client wants the mural, it will be scheduled and if the timing is right, it will be finished within a few weeks.

Pricing for Mural Painting

Priced between $7 – $35 per square foot

Minimum Project fee of $2500

Fees Applied Final Cost of Mural:

Consultation Fee: $300 (Includes outline of project, proposal of work, and thumbnail sketches)

Design fee: $1000 (Includes a full color sketches and up to two changes. Additional changes will be $100 each)


General Process for Community Mural Design

Community Murals begin the same as the custom murals with a client meeting. I take notes about the goal of the project and get a thorough understanding of the size and scope of the space, as well as how much community involvement is desired.

A proposal and sketches can then be made to outline the scope of the mural, including all the necessary materials and steps for completion.

Price for Community Mural Design depends on how involved I am in the project from start to finish. I’m happy to simply create the design and outline as well as be a part in the organization and completion of the mural.

*All rights of the design will remain to La Mano Art.*

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